ExxonMobil Refinery – Industrial Insulation

Turnaround at ExxonMobil refinery in Antwerp, Belgium


Replacing industrial insulation on four of the refinery’s production units within a three-month timespan


Tight, demanding schedule


Our safety performance was a key factor in the successful turnaround at ExxonMobil’s mega refinery in Antwerp. For three months, refinery production was stopped to allow various service providers to complete all necessary maintenance jobs at one time. In order to minimize costly downtime, the work had to be carried out smoothly, without accidents.

BrandSafway’s mechanics underwent thorough training to ensure all work would proceed safely and on schedule. Use of the insulation materials was also carefully planned. Some insulation was created and supplied for immediate fitting. In other cases, BrandSafway relied on its direct contacts with the workshops to have materials created when needed.

With BrandSafway’s precise planning, its team was able to safely and effectively renew all insulation on four units of the refinery on schedule.

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