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On-site Support

On-site Support

Asset preservation & lifecyle performance

SGB BrandSafway understands that cost-escalation can have a severe impact on budgeting & the overall cost of a project. We have established sector specific processes using experienced ‘work preparation’ teams for accuracy in estimates.



SGB BrandSafway's quality assurance/control and continuous improvement programs provide check points and inspection mechanisms for all aspects of our work to ensure our products & solutions are delivered on-time and in accordance with our customers' technical specifications. 

SGB BrandSafway's many years of experience has taught us that the most effective method of assuring the delivery of a quality service is to establish and communicate easily understandable procedures for application, and to perform internal checks and inspections to ensure our procedures are being followed.


We work with a long-established fabric maintenance team of experienced employees and through our structured and well-disciplined approach, we can guarantee that a task never takes longer than strictly necessary.

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