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Technical Design and Engineering

Technical Design and Engineering

Driven to provide safe, value driven solutions

We have engineers and designers covering a range of disciplines and are chosen for their ability to innovate solutions that pre-empt and solve problems, and save money for customers. 



Innovations can be new ways of using old methods, new applications for existing products, or something completely radical. We have the global breadth and depth to apply a solution developed in Prague to a project in Penang, with immediate cost savings and no ‘reinvention of the wheel’.

With experience and expertise stretching back over a century, we have already developed many widely used solutions, but more importantly, we have the ingenuity to devise new ones. The breadth of our product range increases our versatility, and are adept at finding practical, intelligent solutions from the simplest to the most complex projects.


Our team of over 700 in-house engineers and designers provide worldwide experience in finding practical, intelligent solutions from the simplest to the most complex projects, tailored to our specific specialty services.

Benefits of this in-house team:

  • Constant communication with customers and field to deliver site specific designs for maximum productivity and equipment utilization
  • Designs are built right the first time, no over or under build
  • Optimum designs using less pieces of equipment
  • All end user trades considered to minimize or eliminate re-work
  • Industry leading turnaround time on designs 
  • Emergency services always available (as little as 2-4 hours’ turnaround)
  • Quick response to design changes
  • Established library consisting of 2,000 pre-engineered designs available for clients free of charge
  • Access and Insulation support, as required
  • Full support of our Research and Development team in developing new and innovative products to improve safety and productivity
  • 3D design capability & laser scanning

These design and project management support services are available throughout your project.

Let's do something great on your next project.

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