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Laser Scanning

Laser Scanning

Integrated Programs & Tools

SGB BrandSafway can provide detailed panoramic images and system converted data to produce an as-built model of your facility. 


A typical refinery unit can be scanned in as little as 3 days. The laser scan output provides value through accurate estimation, by considering all site obstructions, and validated data for future developments or planned turnarounds.


  • Scan from local site to software
  • Calculates X, Y & Z for each point
  • Captures 1 million points per second
  • 3 minutes per round
  • Up to 100 scans per day
  • Typical refinery unit scanned in 3 days
  • Neutral data delivered in usable format
  • Up 180 meters in range
  • +/- 2 mm precision
  • Tied to real geographical coordinates


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