Areas of Expertise

Each plant and facility has its own specialist needs, and SGB BrandSafway can draw on the widest range of services, products and solutions to enable maximum productivity without compromise to safety.

Oil and Gas

Daily, hundreds of technicians of SGB BrandSafway carry out maintenance work for renowned clients on oil & gas platforms. SGB BrandSafway provides innovative solutions to save time and critical resources during turnarounds, maintenance projects, capital work and emergencies in the upstream, midstream and downstream industries.

We have built up exceptional insight into the servicing requirements of the oil and gas industry and of major process plants. Whether working on the construction of a new plant, routine maintenance or emergency shutdowns, we develop a bespoke plan for each facility to allow the most efficient execution of the project. Drawing on the widest range of scaffolding and access systems, we can provide work platforms for construction and maintenance crews that enable maximum productivity without compromise to safety.

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Chemical and Petrochemical

SGB BrandSafway's multidisciplinary approach enables us to marshal and coordinate a whole spectrum of skills, expertise and operatives, and to guarantee the timely implementation of scheduled maintenance programmes. We always work in close partnership with operating management to provide world-leading standards of safety.

At the start of each project, we work on identifying client specifications and carry out a risk-assessment, taking into account the nature of the product being generated at the site. The production of solids, liquids and gases all have unique health and safety requirements. As a basic principle, all our equipment and tools are Explosion-Proof (Ex-Proof). Our extensive experience with volatile substances and working in hazardous environments makes us a partner of choice for many of the world’s biggest petrochemical companies.

Because downtime is expensive, we take a tight and well-disciplined approach, to guarantee that no production stop ever takes longer than strictly necessary. Working together with our clients, we develop long-term maintenance schedules indicating priorities and deadlines for months and years ahead. The planning-based maintenance approach prevents disruption and expensive ad hoc solutions, resulting in more controllable maintenance costs. It also means reduced energy consumption, while the pre-emptive inspections for Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) reduce costs further.

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Power and Renewable Energy

SGB BrandSafway has comprehensive, international experience and expertise in the construction and maintenance of major energy facilities through every phase of its life-cycle from commissioning to decommissioning and the life of the plant in between. From low-rise gas-fired power plants and waste-to-energy (WTE) incineration plants, to high-rise nuclear, biomass plants and netted transmission line crossings to sources of renewable energy we have the experience required throughout the energy market.

Working in the vicinity of high-voltage equipment, working at height, and working in high-temperature environments all require specific training, which has to be continually refreshed. All our operatives attend sector-specific training programmes and managers hold regular toolbox talks to ensure the individual security requirements of the client and the environment are respected and understood.

Our highly trained teams use their work at height experience to provide safe scaffolding and access solutions on some of the world’s tallest stacks and boilers as part of their daily routine. We also pre-assemble and deliver a range of high-quality insulating materials designed to cope with extreme temperatures and heat treatment solutions for pre and post weld services.

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Offshore and Maritime

Offshore Oil and gas production is an ongoing operation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in some of the world’s most hostile environments. Hundreds of specially trained SGB BrandSafway operatives support some of the world’s most renowned clients in this field, ensuring that your operations continue safely, smoothly and with minimum costly downtime.

Our Preventive Maintenance Programme (PMP) solutions are based on a multidisciplinary approach to maintenance for wellhead, compression, production and satellite platforms. We pre-fabricate insulation materials and supply site-specific scaffolding systems based on minimal components for ease of erection.

To optimise labour costs on offshore platforms, our operatives are multifunctional - besides their expertise in scaffolding and insulating, they are qualified professionals in painting, welding, tracing and rope access.

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Civil and Infrastructure

From bridges, railroads and power distribution to airports, stadiums and arenas, SGB BrandSafway provides high quality, safe and productive solutions for maintenance, repair and capital projects. SGB works together with the client and other contractors on risk management. Our technicians work in accordance with the guidelines applicable to infrastructure activities.

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Metals and Minerals

SGB BrandSafway teams are well aware of the logistical challenges on any production site and bring exceptional experience in providing effective service. In large industrial areas, there may be considerable distances to cover between the various plant sites, including coke ovens, pellet and sinter plants, blast furnaces, steel plants, hot and cold strip mills and gas holders. Our expertise in logistical planning ensures the most effective and timely delivery of materials and deployment of operatives to different factories.

Working on steel production sites also means that employees must be fully aware of the operating requirements of each plant. Our operatives are trained to work safely in dusty or dirty environments and in environments with extreme temperatures. Our teams are also well-versed in the risks of on site logistics, such as trains or conveyors.

The experience we have of designing and delivering solutions for high-temperature environments impacts our choice of materials. We only supply and fit high quality insulation capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1000°C. Our global network of stock and service centres of excellence, and our highly trained, expert teams, enable us to provide rapid responses for both scheduled turnarounds and emergency shutdowns.

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Food and Pharmaceuticals

SGB BrandSafway’s industry knowledge and experience help establish the compliance parameters that will govern our procedures, and choice of materials and tools for safe and hygienic plant installation, maintenance, review or repair.

Before maintenance projects can start, precautions have to be taken - machines and production lines must be physically shielded to prevent contamination or parts and materials getting into the production process. All our materials and equipment, including scaffolds, are specially cleaned before delivery and installation, and all our technicians wear protective clothing while on site, such as dust-free overalls, masks and overshoes. Air-flows, work-flows and waste-flows are also considered in an effort to reduce the impact on the working environment.

One of the food-industry’s key requirements is that dust formation must be prevented during insulation work. To comply with this, all our insulation and cladding is as far as possible pre-fabricated, and only non dust-forming materials are specified.

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Manufacturing and Processing

Process plants around the world share a common requirement for safe and efficient access to facilitate construction and ongoing fabric maintenance. Each plant and facility has its own specialist needs and SGB BrandSafway can supply a dedicated, site-based team, on a long-term basis.

Our belief in the value of planning-based maintenance has led us to develop a complete range of specialist services.

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