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Sound insulation of coffee tower


Approach at the source; Acoustic insulation of pipes and equipment


Brand was instructed to insulate their new roasted coffee tower at the company's Utrecht location


We insulated pipes and installations with 80-100 mm thick stone wool covered with aluminum foil. The insulation is finished with an aluminum sheet mantle, which is internally weighted with a 5 kg/m² de-stratification foil. The blowing pipes in the coffee tower can be alternatively connected to other system parts. The newly insulated pipes therefore form an attractive and shiny picture.

Acoustic insulation

We have various options for creating a relatively quiet working environment, including installing enclosures, screens, dampers and baffles. Because acoustics is a specialist field, our staff have received thorough professional training. As a result, we can provide more than just a standard solution. By combining various measures, we can solve virtually any acoustic problem. Even in special situations.

With our own workshops, we are able to provide customized solutions. Our own sound analyses and designs are the basis for this. The exact provisions needed to reduce a noise source depend strongly on the local situation.

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