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Fireproofing and Fire Stopping

Fireproofing and Fire Stopping

Transit mapping & controls for fire prevention

Our fireproofing specialists have years of experience, and many are cross-trained in other related services such as scaffold, insulation, painting and refractory, allowing us to leverage their capabilities for broader project needs.


Fire can cross over from transits in cables, tubing and pipes into surrounding spaces. To ensure the fire safety of your staff, premises or project, it is necessary to cover all transits in walls, ceilings and floors with non-flammable materials. SGB BrandSafway’s fireproofing installations meet all the legal requirements for fire safety, and our annual inspections offer you piece of mind.


Our fireproofing system has been specially developed to prevent the risk of fire spreading. We map out all transits in a building and ensure the correct level of insulation safety. After this, an annual inspection is carried out. During these checks, existing transits are approved and upgraded where necessary and new transits are secured. We also take care of fireproofing by putting fire resistant mortar on plinths and weight-bearing constructions.


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