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Project Management

Project Management

It starts with strict planning

Our multi-disciplinary approach enables us to coordinate the different disciplines and activities properly so that a programme will run according to plan. 



We have a clear coordination point, both internally and externally, from which we organise and manage all activities. Furthermore, we work with a maintenance team of experienced and properly coordinated staff. A strict and well-disciplined approach means that we can guarantee a production stoppage never lasts longer than absolutely necessary.


Shutdowns and turnarounds

We carry out many different activities, such as the erection of scaffolds, removal of sheeting and insulation, inspections, blasting, painting, application of new insulation, replacement of sheeting and the removal of scaffolding. We carry out activities for a production stoppage and ensure that the production can be restarted in good time. After all, stagnation costs money! We do all we can to mutually coordinate the different phases with other on-site trades and the customer.

New construction

SGB BrandSafway is often involved with new construction on industrial sites at an early stage. For instance, we supply formwork and shoring services for civil engineering activities. We design and deliver efficient solutions for different concrete thicknesses and shoring heights within your project. In the next construction phase we supply access and insulation services for the various installation and structural activities. This is then followed by the ongoing maintenance of the plant.

Systematic maintenance

Together with our clients, SGB BrandSafway develops multi-year maintenance plans in which an indication is given of which maintenance is necessary. The systematic maintenance approach prevents ad-hoc solutions and results in manageable maintenance costs. Moreover, energy consumption costs can be reduced and CUI risks are identified in a timely manner.

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