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Managed Access Program (M.A.P)

Managed Access Program (M.A.P)

Total Access Solution

The M.A.P tool is designed to use a series of options to calculate the most appropriate access solution.


Integrated into the BrandNet system, M.A.P allows customers to input the type of work, duration of the project, ground conditions, working height and other variables into the tool for it to suggest the most efficient access solution - including approximate costs and safety considerations.


M.A.P provides clients the opportunity to benefit from:

  • Customized advice on the optimum access solution for their requirements
  • Access cost-savings
  • Immediate calculation results (no waiting for responses)
  • Availability of log files and reports of recommended and achieved cost-savings
  • Automatic generation of completed PO form (depending on system capabilities)
  • Automatic generation of access planning information
  • Possibility for integration into the work process
  • Incorporates site specific schedules & norms


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