Scaffolding activities at a glance with SmartTag

Anyone who visits project locations will be familiar with the existing physical labels (Scafftags) that are attached to scaffolds. SmartTag is an online addition to this, satisfying the need for real-time information.


By marking every scaffold with a QR code, its history is accurately recorded and made accessible via SmartTag, using a (EX) smartphone or tablet, generic data can be recorded in the field, such as date, time, location, dimensions and safety status. 

At each inspection and modification, or for approval on completion, the QR code is scanned and the information about the scaffold is updated.

The direct and real-time access to the scaffold activities makes its accurate management and control possible. It has never been easier to remove a scaffold or indeed to leave it standing for further activities.

User-friendly reports

SmartTag’s reports make it easy for users to create, customise, filter and export  reports using the drag and drop function. They are free to select the variables they wish to see in a report, such as tag numbers, (date of) recent activity, type of scaffold, scaffold construction date, who requested a scaffold, who inspected it, etc.

One of the major advantages of SmartTag is that the administration can be updated more quickly, making it easier to manage costs. 


The geographic representation in SmartTag (Google Maps) is a popular feature. It provides information at a glance, which can be viewed in greater detail with just a few mouse-clicks.

  • Real-time information
  • Direct and up-to-date access to scaffold activities
  • Clear geographical views
  • Complete info for removal or continued use of existing scaffolds
  • User-friendly reports with export functionality
  • Data quality assurance
  • Improved safety standard
  • Greater control of inspections

SmartTag is a stand-alone system and does not necessarily need to be linked with client ERP systems. As a result, process-related or administrative changes to client systems have no direct influence on SmartTag - in SmartTag, data remains completely transparent and clients remain in control of the checking process.


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