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Safety Programs and Training

Safety Programs and Training

Compliance with Insurance, Safety & Quality Requirements

Safety is our overriding priority. Our commitment to zero accidents, underpinned by thorough day-to-day procedures and a strong safety culture, have helped us achieve an exemplarily safety record which will be transferred to your project.



SGB BrandSafway’s Safety Culture starts with our philosophy that has 3 basic principles: 

  1. All incidents are avoidable. 
  2. We are more than a company with a safety program – we are a safe company. This means that we work toward a culture where each person is not only responsible for the safety of themselves and those around them, but that they work to improve our safety culture, environment, and performance at every opportunity. 
  3. A safe culture starts with leadership, but it also requires the full commitment at the field level not just compliance

With these in mind, we have developed a series of tools, processes, and training programs that have become integral to our ever-improving safety culture. SGB BrandSafway actively participates in numerous customer safety initiatives, which is a manifestation of our commitment to continuously improving safety. 

"A strong Safety Culture begins when we start making safety a habit"

When employee safety and loyalty are so important in our market, it is essential to properly train our people. Continuously improving employee training has been identified as the #1 requirement for continued operational excellence and is proven to be crucial to employee job satisfaction. Our supervisory training program goes beyond how to erect and dismantle scaffolding. We educate our people about the business side of the job, with a strong focus on HR issues and Leadership, resulting in more productive work crews and improved communication from the project.


SGB BrandSafway employs several techniques to ensure our employees enjoy working for us and prosper while doing so. We have both corporate and branch level initiatives designed specifically to enhance the employees experience during their career. SGB BrandSafway management believes the employees are the most important asset of the company. As such every decision made considers the employees and the impact on those employees. We take pride in being one of the industry’s employers-of-choice, and continually challenge ourselves to do whatever we can to maintain the employee / employer relationship.

We invest heavily in training across our business, not just to allow employees to carry out their day-to-day job more effectively, but also to further their careers within the organisation. Our ongoing commitment to employing, training and developing our local people already gives us the benefit of an established and highly trained local work force. 

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