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Sabic Chemical Plant, Wilton (UK)

Sabic Chemical Plant - Industrial Scaffolding

Providing dedicated scaffolding services for a live chemical plant


SABIC (Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation), is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chemicals, fertilizers, plastics and metals. In Europe they are a major producer of polymers, chemicals and innovative plastics.


Their Wilton and North Tees chemical complex in Teesside is one of the UK’s largest chemical plants, producing ethylene, propylene and butadiene as well as housing a major logistical facility incorporating large scale storage capacity, a cross-country pipelines network and distribution and shipping services. To accommodate the maintenance and upgrading of the plant’s Butadiene Columns, SABIC required a 64m high weatherproof access structure which could accommodate the stripping, cladding, painting and re-cladding of these complex vessels whilst the towers remained operational.


To deliver the painting and insulation requirements rather than opting for conventional tube and fittings scaffold, we devised a solution using CUPLOK® system scaffolding. Not only was this able to accommodate the many pipe runs connecting into the tower, it provided clear working platforms, free from diagonal braces. It was also substantially quicker to erect the CUPLOK® system, saving the client time and money. The scaffold structure was clad using the latest breathable sheeting to allow for any plant leakage without compromising blasting and painting operations, and topped with a ventilated roof structure spanning across the towers.

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