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Lindsey Oil Refinery (UK)

Lindsey Oil Refinery – Industrial Scaffolding

Construction of approximately 10,000 scaffold structures


Providing dedicated scaffolding services for a new hydro desulphurization plant


Multi-purpose access for all trades involved in this complex project


Total's Lindsey Oil Refinery at Immingham is the UK’s third-largest refinery, processing 200,000 barrels of crude oil per day. For the construction of their new Hydro Desulphurisation plant, contractor Jacobs needed multi-purpose access for all trades involved in this complex project – the largest of its type under construction at the time in the UK.

The project involved the construction of approximately 10,000 scaffold structures utilising over 3,300 tonnes of scaffolding equipment and up to 180 operatives. Key products employed were CUPLOK® system scaffolding, conventional tube and fittings and a range of beams for larger spans. Providing safe access for all trades, as well as the logistics of managing the supply and welfare of a large workforce in a relatively remote location, required careful planning and constant liaison with all the project teams. Our solution included the provision of a skilled, specialist management team based at our on-site compound incorporating supervisors, administration, safety and logistics personnel.

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