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Nestlé – Industrial Scaffolding

High insulation requirements for new Nestlé facility


Insulating Nestlé's coffee roasting facility


A lot of moulding work. Strict hygiene requirements, high temperatures in pipes


On behalf of Probat, our insulation team from the Klazienaveen facility insulated the equipment and pipework (120m) of the new coffee line in a short turnaround time. Including 29 bends, 55 flanges, 34 expansion parts, 6 valves and 26 removable inspection doors with a double-walled front.

Of the 550m2 of plating, no less than 350m2 were moulded, which required a great deal of skill and improvisation on the work site. For the work performed at heights and in difficult-to-reach places, we built scaffolding and used aluminum rolling towers and aerial work platforms.

The temperatures of equipment and pipes can vary from 150°C to 400°C, with peaks of up to 600°C for cleaning. Because of these high temperatures, the stone wool on gauze was built up in two layers.

High demands on hygiene

The flanges and expansion parts are fitted with removable mattresses, finished with aluminum sheeting and quick-release fasteners.

All flange parts are enclosed on both sides by us with aluminum sheeting, for which 190 internal rain edges have been mounted.

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