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Cygnus Alpha Topside (North Sea)

Cygnus Alpha Topside - Scaffolding

Multiple changing access requirements and brought in to replace original access provider


Heerema Fabrication Group (HFG) specializes in the engineering and fabrication of large and complex structures for the offshore oil & gas and energy-related industries.

HFG offer a comprehensive range of services with three large fabrication facilities situated around the North Sea, a workshop facility in Poland and a multi-disciplined engineering company in the Netherlands.


The Cygnus Bravo platform wellhead production unit has been built at the HFG Victoria Docks yard in Hartlepool.

In October 2014 we were awarded the remaining access works, replacing Heerema’s original access provider, associated with the Cygnus Aplha Topside to enable the construction work to take place.


The contract mechanism is a target cost based on forecast hours valued at an all in rate, with an agreed gain share for bettering the target forecast. We mobilised at short notice to transfer the workforce and equipment to our management. 

Flexibility has been key to success, as the access requirements have changed constantly. Brand provided an innovative combination of CUPLOK® scaffolding, tube and fitting, low-level access platforms and mechanical access solutions for the project.

Working with Heerema, we have managed to improve productivity and have delivered the access works within 85% of the allocated target hours. We have also worked with Heerema to develop the use of alternative forms of access used in the Hartlepool yards.

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