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K14-FA1 (North Sea)

K14-FA1 - Scaffolding

High pressure in vent line between drilling unit and platform. Major maintenance with environmental provisions


We built a special scaffolding structure to support drilling work on Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschapij B.V. (NAM)’s main platform K14-FA, and provided access services for the major maintenance activities.


K14-FA1 is one of the oldest gas production platforms of NAM, and has been in use since 1976. The platform consists of compression and production sections: the compression section collects the gas, pressurises it and then ships it at a volume of around 4.5 million m2 per day to the gas treatment plant at Den Helder.


The Ensco 122 drilling unit was installed over the wells of production section K14-FA1P to drill a new well. During drilling, gas may be released which has to be disposed of via a flare system on the main platform. The pressure in the vent pipe between the drilling unit and the platform may be anything up to 30 kN/m2. We installed support scaffolding to contain this pressure.

Last Paint Work (LPW)

At the same time, we designed and constructed the various scaffolding required for the major maintenance of the K14-FA1C compression platform, including painting and replacing existing plating, under contract to Venko Offshore (by BrandSafway). All scaffolding is sealed with deltaplane tarpaulins and the scaffolding floors are boarded to stop grit and paint residue getting into the sea. We also fitted the two compression platform exhaust structures with scaffolding for the major maintenance activities.

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