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Maxima Power Station (NL)

Maxima Power Station – Industrial Scaffolding

Brand earned a Green Card for exceptional safety performance


In a short period of time, everything had to be set up in order to make a revision of one of the two gas turbines possible. 


Six weeks at a high tempo, sometimes in double shifts.


The Maxima power plant has been operational since 2010, on the location of the now completely demolished Flevocentrale. The two natural gas-fired CCGT turbines of the plant, with a capacity of 440 MW each, generate electricity for 1.6 million households. With an efficiency of 59 percent, the facility is considered highly efficient. Energy company Engie Nederland is the proud owner of it.

Radical revision

A Type C inspection of a turbine is radical, explains Ronald Westerhof of Engie. Depending on the operating hours, such an operational revision takes place every four or five years. At the end of last year, it was the turn of yet another turbine. 

The time schedule was tight. We only secured the contract on 20 December 2018. On 24 December, the first truck with materials arrived and immediately after Christmas, on 27 and 28 December, we built the first scaffolding.

Scaffolding Directive

At Engie they were impressed by the drive that was shown. ‘It all went very well,’ says Ronald Westerhof. ‘Everything was done in accordance with the Scaffolding Directive. We haven't seen that very often.’ Engie's requirement that all hand tools had to be secured with a line during the work to prevent them from falling was also quickly met. ‘That was arranged within two hours.’ He continues: ‘I've never seen us get a drawing and calculation for the construction of a complex scaffold as quickly as we did for this revision. And if you subsequently receive the as-built drawing within a few hours of delivery, then I can only say chapeau, great.’

Green card

Engie pursues a zero-tolerance policy on unsafe working. Strict regulations apply, which are also strictly monitored. ‘We are straightforward when it comes to safety’, Ronald Westerhof agrees. Engie can award a Green Card to contractors who demonstrate exceptionally positive safety behaviour. We managed to obtain this after only three weeks. ‘When pro-activity comes from a group of people, we reward it in this way.

We also see our Green Card as a form of appreciation.’

Little worry

By mid-February 2019, the job was done. The turbine was back in great shape. There were 12-hour shifts and during the peak weeks the mechanics worked in two shifts from 6am to 1am. Between building up and dismantling the scaffolding, mechanics were constantly present to make adjustments to ensure that the revision went smoothly and safely. 

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